Labor and Urban Politics

Titre : Labor and Urban Politics
Auteur : Richard Schneirov
Éditeur : University of Illinois Press
ISBN-13 : 0252066766
Libération : 1998-01-01

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Offers a detailed account of labor and its rise in urban politics in Chicago.

Novell Certified Linux Professional Study Guide

Titre : Novell Certified Linux Professional Study Guide
Auteur : Emmett Dulaney
Éditeur : Pearson Education
ISBN-13 : 9780672332791
Libération : 2004-12-28

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This official Novell Press Study Guide is your key to reviewing the fundamentals of installing, running, and administering SUSE LINUX so that you can pass Novell Practicum: 050-069, Novell's Certified Linux Professional exam, and become a Novell CLP. Expert trainer and curriculum developer Emmett Dulaney brings you the practical knowledge, tested techniques, real-world scenarios, and hands-on lab exercises you need to help you get the CLP certification from Novell.

Doodle Zen

Titre : Doodle Zen
Auteur : Dawn DeVries Sokol
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1617691917
Libération : 2016-03-29

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Doodle Zen: Finding Your Creativity and Calm in a Sketchbook will inspire new and nonstop doodlers alike to use doodling as a way to escape and de-stress. The book begins with a discussion of how to power down and tune out using doodling as a method for finding your "zone" and includes a list of suggested materials, tips/techniques, and inspirations for doodles and words. Doodlers will let their minds wander and relax while filling pages adorned with soft, muted backgrounds, calming quotes, and Mehndi-inspired doodles. With prompts and starter sugges­tions for getting your creativity flowing, Doodle Zen is the ultimate retreat for the busy mind.


Titre : Eternity
Auteur : Greg Bear
Éditeur : Tor Books
ISBN-13 : 0765380471
Libération : 2015-10-27

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Multiple Nebula and Hugo Award winner Greg Bear returns to the Earth of his acclaimed novel Eon in Eternity. The crew of the asteroid-starship Thistledown has thwarted an attack by the Jarts by severing their link to the Way, an endless corridor that spans universes. The asteroid settled into orbit around Earth and the tunnel snaked away, forming a contained universe of its own. Forty years later, on Gaia, Rhita Vaskayza recklessly pursues her legacy, seeking an Earth once again threatened by forces from within and without. For physicist Konrad Korzenowski, murdered for creating The Way, and resurrected, is compelled by a faction determined to see it opened once more. And humankind will discover just how entirely they have underestimated their ancient adversaries.