The International Dimensions of Democratization

Titre : The International Dimensions of Democratization
Auteur : Laurence Whitehead
Éditeur : OUP Oxford
ISBN-13 : 0191529443
Libération : 2001-06-28

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In recent years, and especially following the end of the cold war, democratization has become one of the most crucial issues on the international political scene. A great many states are undergoing an extraordinary and difficult transition to democracy. And that transition is deeply influenced by the new international context. A range of highly respected scholars from around the world and several disciplines tackle the role and importance of international relations in the democratic development of states in the Americas and Europe. Combining theoretical approaches with a rich set of empirical case studies, the book examines the development of democratic regimes in countries and regions as diverse as Brazil, Spain, Greece, the Caribbean, and East Central Europe. At the international level, the book considers the influence of US Foreign Policy, International politicalL finance, the UN, European Union, as well as the wide range of international political influences on the development of democratic politics. Oxford Studies in Democratization is a series for scholars and students of comparative politics and related disciplines. Volumes will concentrate on the comparative study of the democratization process that accompanied the decline and termination of the cold war. The geographical Caribbean, Southern and Eastern Europe, and Southern and Eastern Asia.

Dark Continent

Titre : Dark Continent
Auteur : Mark Mazower
Éditeur : Vintage
ISBN-13 : 9780307555502
Libération : 2009-05-20

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"A useful, important book that reminds us, at the right time, how hard [European unity] has been, and how much care must be taken to avoid the terrible old temptations." --Los Angeles Times Dark Continent provides an alternative history of the twentieth century, one in which the triumph of democracy was anything but a forgone conclusion and fascism and communism provided rival political solutions that battled and sometimes triumphed in an effort to determine the course the continent would take. Mark Mazower strips away myths that have comforted us since World War II, revealing Europe as an entity constantly engaged in a bloody project of self-invention. Here is a history not of inevitable victories and forward marches, but of narrow squeaks and unexpected twists, where townships boast a bronze of Mussolini on horseback one moment, only to melt it down and recast it as a pair of noble partisans the next. Unflinching, intelligent, Dark Continent provides a provocative vision of Europe's past, present, and future-and confirms Mark Mazower as a historian of valuable gifts. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Columbia Encyclopedia

Titre : The Columbia Encyclopedia
Auteur : Columbia University
Éditeur : Visible Ink Press
ISBN-13 : 0787650153
Libération : 2000-01

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Includes thousands of biographies and articles on science, medicine, technology, agriculture, business, history, and art, and includes maps, charts, and diagrams.

The European Union

Titre : The European Union
Auteur : Susan Senior Nello
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1283437791
Libération : 2012

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Susan Senior Nello A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de The European Union Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

The Economics of European Integration

Titre : The Economics of European Integration
Auteur : Richard Baldwin
Éditeur : McGraw-Hill (canada)
ISBN-13 : 0077169654
Libération : 2015-01-01

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Now in its 5th edition, the Economics of European Integration guides students through the facts, theories and controversies surrounding the dynamics of European economics. With clear and comprehensive discussions about European history, law, institutions, politics and policies, students are encouraged to explore and analyse the contemporary status of integration within the European Union. Designed for students taking modules in European economics, the text provides in-depth analysis of economics arguments with examples, illustrations and questions to help bring this thought-provoking subject to life.

Social Traps and the Problem of Trust

Titre : Social Traps and the Problem of Trust
Auteur : Bo Rothstein
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 : 0521612829
Libération : 2005-10-06

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Focuses on the role of political institutions in explaining the variation in social trust and social capital among countries.

The International News Services

Titre : The International News Services
Auteur : Jonathan Fenby
Éditeur : New York : Schocken Books
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015014621224
Libération : 1986

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Evaluates the way in which AP, UPI, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse cover the news, and discusses accountability, political pressure, and the Third World's demands for a new information structure

Germany Unified and Europe Transformed

Titre : Germany Unified and Europe Transformed
Auteur : Philip Zelikow
Éditeur : American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN-13 : 0674353242
Libération : 1995

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Describes the events surrounding the unification of Germany in 1990