Paper Quilling Chinese Style

Titre : Paper Quilling Chinese Style
Auteur : Zhu Liqun Paper Arts Museum
Éditeur : Shanghai Press
ISBN-13 : 1602200173
Libération : 2014-10-07

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Paper quilling, a Western art that creates designs using paper strips in clever, inventive ways, gets an Eastern flavor in craft book Paper Quilling Chinese Style. Sure to delight the myriad and diverse group of crafters who have fallen in love with quilling, this lovely book uses traditional Chinese arts to create an array of paper quilling projects with a distinctly Chinese design. A flexible and limitless art form, paper quilling allows so much individual expression that it has attracted fans around the world. Showcasing bold and inventive use of color, composition and traditional symbols, this book is sure to bring a new level of depth and beauty to your work. With simple tools and materials easily found at most craft stores, you will be able to explore the boundaries of Western handicraft and traditional Chinese culture, and your own creativity!

Beautiful Quilling Step by Step

Titre : Beautiful Quilling Step by Step
Auteur : Janet Wilson
Éditeur : Search PressLtd
ISBN-13 : 1844485102
Libération : 2010

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The quirky art of quilling?using strips of paper that have been rolled, shaped, and glued on edge to create decorative designs?is explored in this informative handbook. Combining the expertise of four quilling experts, crafters will learn how to create quilled wild flowers and fun, three-dimensional characters, how to scale down to make incredible miniatures, and how to create quilled borders and motifs to decorate papercraft or other projects. Full details on the materials and tools needed for the projects, photographic walkthroughs of the techniques utilized to complete them, and templates are also included.

Vertigo 42

Titre : Vertigo 42
Auteur : Martha Grimes
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781476724058
Libération : 2015-04-21

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"At Vertigo 42, a bar high above London's financial district, Richard Jury meets Tom Williamson - a friend of a friend who is convinced his wife, Tess, was murdered 17 years ago. Tess's death was ruled accidental - a fall caused by vertigo - but Jury agrees to re-examine the case. A young girl's fatal fall at a children's party 22 years ago at Tom and Tess's home may be connected. After an elegantly dressed woman falls from a tower near a pub that Jury and his cronies frequent, and her estranged husband is later found dead, Jury begins to suspect that the now grown "children" from Tess's ill-fated party are the key to solving these interwoven mysteries"--

Quilled Borders and Motifs

Titre : Quilled Borders and Motifs
Auteur : Judy Cardinal
Éditeur : Search PressLtd
ISBN-13 : 1844482081
Libération : 2008-01

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A wealth of ideas for quilled borders and motifs which you can use to embellish picture frames, greeting cards, gift tags, envelopes and more. Covering a range of themes that includes butterflies, frogs, flowers and weddings, this is an excellent source book for both beginners and experienced quillers.

Dior Impressions

Titre : Dior Impressions
Auteur : Florence Müller
Éditeur : Rizzoli International Publications
ISBN-13 : 0847841545
Libération : 2013

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A gorgeous exploration of the relationship between the haute couture of Dior and the Impressionist movement. Christian Dior grew up in Granville, in Normandy, in a natural environment similar to the setting favored by the Impressionist artists. Throughout his career, he designed dresses that show links with this art movement, such as the elegance seen in the Impressionist paintings, with subtle connections through common themes such as nature, light, color, and the notion of movement. Published to accompany the Impressions Dior exhibition presented at the Musée Christian Dior in Granville, France, this lavish volume features over 150 pieces of gorgeous art—including noted artworks by Monet, Renoir, Degas, and Manet—alongside a magnificent visual tour of Dior garments, from Christian Dior’s first designs to Raf Simons’s latest collection.

Lilly s Big Day

Titre : Lilly s Big Day
Auteur : Kevin Henkes
Éditeur : Harper Collins
ISBN-13 : 9780060742362
Libération : 2006-03-28

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Mr. Slinger has big news. He's getting married. Married! Lilly has big plans. She's going to be the flower girl. (Lilly has always wanted to be a flower girl. Even more than a surgeon or a diva or a hairdresser.) But what's the biggest, the best, the most perfect thing of all? You're invited to the wedding -- so start reading!